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About Us

Harper Innes ( She - Her / They - Them )

Pronounced as: Har-per Inn-es


Hello there!

We're a Trans/Non-Binary Plural System based in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia)

We currently run the domain "whisper[.]cat" and several other bits of Infrastructure that support it's existance.

This is a continual work in progress,

So you may find stuff broken from time to time! Opps~.


We're a big believer in the freedom of the Internet and run several Tor Relay nodes to support the Onion Network (TOR)


By day We're a Systems Administrator and Network Engineer with experience in Linux Systems, Cisco, Cpanel, Nginx, Pterodactyl to name a few


Our hobbies include

Amateur (HAM) Radio with over 18 thousand contacts and 188 countries/territories contacted,

Photography, Cycling, Video Gaming & Electronics Tinkering


If you'd like to know more,

Please contact us on one of our social medias (Icons below) or email us


Much love, 73 and Good DX

Contact us: [email protected]


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